Business Owner’s Guide: Transition and Exiting Your Business - Video Series

July 01, 2014

Transition and Exiting Your Business

Michael Aversa, Partner-in-Charge of our Private Business Group and Alan Wink, Director of our Capital Markets Group speaks candidly in this 2 part series on what you should consider when transitioning or exiting your business. Questions like: Is your child going to work in the business if so where should they start? Is your child capable of running the business once you hand it over? Are you able to walk away and let them grow the business and learn from their own mistakes?

Maybe selling your company is the exit strategy that makes the most sense. Considerations for this path can be quite thought provoking. Do you have all the documentation at hand should a strategic buyer present themselves? Do you even know what your business is worth? Mike suggests getting a valuation to answer that very question. Having the proper documentations and a clear value of your business puts you in a better position to negotiate the selling of your business.

Talking to your advisors is something that Alan and Mike can't stress enough. They can put you in touch with a strategic or financial buyer and assist you along the way.


Transitioning to Family

Exit Strategy

Business Owner's Guide: The Cycle from Start-up to Exit - Video Series

About Alan Wink

Mr. Wink assists clients with capital budgeting, capital structuring and capital sourcing. He has worked with many tech and life science companies on developing the appropriate capital structure for their position in the business life cycle.