Business Owner’s Guide: Tax: How it Can Affect New, Growing and Exiting Businesses - Video Series

July 01, 2014

Tax: How it Can Affect New, Growing and Exiting Businesses

In this 3 part series, Dan Gibson, Partner in our Private Business Services Group and our resident expert, talks about tax considerations when you are starting, growing and exiting a business. For instance what is your method of accounting, cash basis or accrual basis, which would fit your business better? Is your company registered in all the states you are doing business in? What type of retirement plan did you select for your business, selecting the right one could help you exercise some good tax strategy for your business. This series is chock full of things to consider as it relates to taxes and your company.


Tax Implications on Entity Choice

Tax Awareness When Running Your Business

Tax Considerations That Need to be Addressed When Exiting Your Business


Business Owner's Guide: The Cycle from Start-up to Exit - Video Series

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