EisnerAmper discusses the affects of Brexit on the European Union (EU), the UK, multinationals, transfer pricing and the corporate tax rate.

What Brexit May Mean to Multi-Nationals


In this podcast, the first in our Brexit series, David Plaskow speaks with EisnerAmper’s lead transfer pricing agent, Henric Adey, about the United Kingdom referendum on leaving the European Union. They discuss some of the key implications for Brexit, its impact on transfer pricing, how multinationals can be proactive immediately, and how the UK plans to attract and retain companies and talent after Brexit is triggered.



David Plaskow: Welcome to this edition of the EisnerAmper Podcast. Today, we’re talking Brexit with Dr. Henric Adey, economist and practice leader for EisnerAmper’s transfer pricing group. Henric, thanks for joining us today.

Henric Adey: Thanks Dave for having me.

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Henric Adey is the Transfer Pricing Practice Leader at EisnerAmper. As practice leader, he is responsible for advising clients over a wide span of industries concerning both international and multi-state transfer pricing matters.

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