This Brexit series podcast examines the impact of Brexit on wealth management, personal wealth advisors, Britain and EU investors.

Brexit’s Impact on Investors and Wealth Management


In this Brexit series podcast, Dave Plaskow examines the impact of Brexit on investors and wealth management as he speaks with Timothy Speiss, EisnerAmper’s Partner In-Charge of the Personal Wealth Advisors Group and VP of EisnerAmper Wealth Planning. Speiss gives his in-depth perspective on how Brexit might impact British-EU investors and vice versa and how global investors are approaching Brexit. He also discusses client questions on Brexit, including high net-worth clients, wealth management impact, possible additional regulations, potential risks and opportunities.



Dave Plaskow: Welcome to another episode of EisnerAmper’s Brexit Podcast series, where we examine the fallout from Britain’s exit from the European Union. Our focus today is Brexit’s impact on investors and wealth management. As such, we’re happy to have with us Timothy Speiss. Tim is the Partner In-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Personal Wealth Advisors Group, and Vice President of EisnerAmper Wealth Planning. So, if there’s anyone who can shed light on this area it’s Tim. Tim, welcome.

Timothy Speiss: Thank you.

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Timothy Speiss is Co-Leader of EisnerAmper's Personal Wealth Advisors Group and Vice President of EisnerAmper Wealth Planning LLC. He chairs our Asia Practice and is a member of the firm’s community service group, EisnerAmper Cares.

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