Europe and asset management clients are heating up as London, the EU, the UK and Luxembourg focus on Brexit and Theresa May’s failed plan in Parliament.

Brexit at a Crossroads


While the headlines in the U.S. had centered on the government shutdown, things have heated up in Europe as the Continent is focused on Brexit. Robert Mirsky, Head of EisnerAmper's London office and Head of the firm's Asset Management Group for the U.K., gives us his front-row perspective on how companies in the asset management sector are planning for either a “hard” or “soft” Brexit.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper podcast series where we try to dig a little deeper on accounting and finance issues facing business professionals and their clients. Today we're talking about the historic Brexit vote in the UK Parliament. I'm your host, Dave Plaskow, and with us to share his expertise is Robert Mirsky head of EisnerAmper’s London office and head of the firm's Asset Management Group for the United Kingdom. Robert, welcome and thanks for being here.
Robert Mirsky: Hey Dave, thanks for having me.

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Robert Mirsky is the Head of EisnerAmper's London Office and Head of the firm's Asset Management Group. With years of experience in advising financial services companies, investors and asset managers in the operational aspects of funds and managers.

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