Blogs November 24, 2020 Changing Trends in Operational Due Diligence (ODD): How Are Allocators Reacting

This content features a recap of the insights shared by a panel of experts related to how changes in working environments are impacting managers and allocators.

Blogs November 23, 2020 A Conversation with Jim and Monique Brown -- A Path to a Meaningful Life

A conversation with Jim and Monique Brown regarding The Amer-I-Can Program

Blogs November 19, 2020 Trends Watch: Volatility

A conversation with Michael Melissinos of Melissinos Trading regarding the outlook for alternatives, including the role of diversity and the ability to adapt to trends.

Blogs November 19, 2020 Navigating Growth -- Considerations for Fund Managers

Fund managers have been faced with new hurdles when it comes to fundraising, particularly in today’s virtual environment. This post features insights into lessons learned so far as well as how fund managers should navigate growth going forward.

Blogs November 13, 2020 ILPA Summit: Market Updates and Emerging Trends Around Fundraising and the GP/LP Relationship

A recap of a discussion led by Kevin Kuryla of UBS at this 2020 Institutional Limited Partners Association Summit.

Blogs November 12, 2020 The Cannabis Industry and the Tax Treatment of Inventory

This article takes a look at the question: Are cannabis companies that are considered ‘small businesses’ eligible to make a tax election to immediately expense their inventory under IRC Sec. 471(c)?

Blogs November 12, 2020 Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts – A Popular Planning Strategy

This post examines the spousal lifetime access trust or “SLAT,” a popular planning strategy using a married couple’s gift/estate tax exclusion, wherein one spouse sets up a trust for the other spouse and their children/grandchildren.

Blogs November 12, 2020 Trends Watch: International Equities

A conversation with Steve Cucchiaro of 3EDGE Asset Management about the outlook for investments, especially foreign equities.

Blogs November 10, 2020 The Financing Forum Creative Financing: Getting Deals Done in These Uncertain Times

This year’s Financial Forum was help recently, featuring discussion of financing on how to get deals done in these uncertain times, including the current state of the lending sector, trends seen by asset-based lenders, and lenders’ views on portfolio…