Blogs November 28, 2022 Family Office Conference

A recap of our session at the 2022 Family Office Conference, featuring insights an discussion into key items of interest including a breadth of tax strategies including like-kind exchanges, QSBS, GRATs and SLATs, and pass-through entity treatment.

Blogs November 28, 2022 Will Netflix Cheaper Ad-Tiered Plan Mean More Subscribers?

Streaming giant Netflix is now offering subscription plans that contain ads for a more economical $6.99/month, which may force other streaming services to do likewise.

Blogs November 28, 2022 Private Equity Valuation Considerations

A recap of the recent EisnerAmper webinar “Alternative Investments Year-End Planning Webinar Series – Private Equity Valuation Considerations.”

Blogs November 21, 2022 Crypto Losses Are Not All Alike

This post, in a Q&A format, digs into some of the questions regarding cryptocurrency losses and their tax treatment.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Get Meta-Versed

How much time have you spent in the metaverse – and how much do you plan to? Is it amusement? Business? Art? Is it actually real estate? This article takes an introductory look at the possibilities.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Inherited Retirement Plan Update

A breakdown of current and proposed rules for beneficiaries of inherited individual retirement plans.

Blogs November 21, 2022 Can Your Family Office Navigate Tax Reform?

Family offices are increasingly focusing on tax optimization and deferral strategies as responses to inflation and rising interest rates.

Blogs November 17, 2022 Four Steps to Better Identify and Mitigate Fraud

Steps an experienced forensic accountant will typically take while conducting a fraud risk assessment to help organizations mitigate fraud risk in susceptible areas.

Blogs November 17, 2022 Trends Watch: Renewable Energy Infrastructure

A conversation with Balduin Hesse Frontier Renewables Capital SGEIC, S.A. about the outlook for investing in renewable energy infrastructure.