Blogs June 28, 2022 Are You Taking Advantage of the NJ Small Business Fund?

What NJ small businesses and nonprofits need to know about taking advantage of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (“NJEDA’s”) Small Business Improvement Grant.

Blogs June 28, 2022 West Coast Port Negotiations Intensify

This content focuses on a critical concern facing the U.S. regarding existing supply chain challenges: the upcoming negotiation between two major shipping and labor entities on the West Coast.

Blogs June 23, 2022 Trends Watch: VC Investing in Life Sciences and Deep Tech

A conversation with Kris Ramadurai of Harmonix Fund regarding the outlook for VC investments in life sciences, health care, and deep technology.

Blogs June 21, 2022 Venture Capital Tax Roundtable: IRC Sec. 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock

A recap of a recent roundtable hosted by EisnerAmper, featuring insight into the considerations surrounding venture capital and IRC Sec. 1202 qualified small business stock.

Blogs June 17, 2022 Fed Makes Historic Interest Rate Hike Increase

The Federal Reserve Board approved a 3/4 percentage point increase in the primary credit rate to 1.75 percent, its largest since 1994, in an attempt to curb rising inflation.

Blogs June 16, 2022 Trends Watch: South African and African Venture Capital Investing

A conversation with Clive Butkow of Kalon Venture Partners about the outlook for VC investing in Africa, and specifically South Africa.

Blogs June 15, 2022 Robert Katz Authors Article on Using Perspective in Decision Making in ABL Advisor

What are some of the positive and negative approaches people leverage when making decisions in a recent ABL Advisor article.

Blogs June 13, 2022 What Every Management Company Owner Must Know About Surviving an Affordable Housing Compliance Audit

With the proper preparation and following a few key steps, you can avoid negative findings and have a successful, cost-efficient HUD audit.

Blogs June 10, 2022 California Continues Cracking Down on Unpaid Cannabis Business Taxes

Since legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis, California has generated nearly $4 billion in tax revenue from its sales; however, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (“CDTFA”) reports that cannabis businesses, both licensed and…