Teamwork, Part 2 -- The Back-Office

The Billing Department or “back-office” performance is one of the most scrutinized areas of any healthcare organization.  Hospital Administrators, physicians and nonphysician owners tend to be very critical of the financial outcome of the medical services provided as they see results only through the utilization of management reports.

The billing and collection processes are the responsibility--and the financial bottom line is at the mercy of--all management and staff members, both clinician and non-clinician.  It is vital that compliance, best practices, and recurring communication exist between all departments.   In order to generate and collect on a “clean claim,” teamwork from the front desk, insurance authorization, providers, and charge-entry clerk down to the biller and collector is required.  The old saying, “garbage in, garbage out” is extremely prevalent here in the back-office processes

Managers and their staff must effectively organize this area of their health care organization.   Recurring meetings to discuss common denials, visit-to charge entry lapses, billing frequency, collection performance, etc. should be held.  During said meetings, all staff, both clinician and non-clinician, must feel “safe” to discuss the areas that are lacking in order to make the necessary changes.  These changes will positively affect the billing process and increase cash-flow.

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