Dealer Insights - July/August 2011 - 4 tips for the digital dealership

July 18, 2011

Do you ever feel pressure to better use digital media to attract new customers? If your answer is “yes” — or “of course!” — consider the following tips for being more digitally proactive:

1. Try new strategies for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Don’t be complacent — keep looking for new ways to bring traffic to your dealership’s website via search engines. The blog Top Dealer SEO offers articles on various SEO topics, such as keywords auto shoppers use that you can include on your website so your dealership will show up high in search results.

2. Host a mobile website. 

Car shoppers who use mobile devices are usually looking for specific information, including inventory and financing terms. How you communicate with them makes a difference. Consider hosting a mobile version of your website — a platform that automatically detects when customers are visiting your site from a mobile device. Your site is then presented in a mobile-friendly way, such as with streamlined navigation, brief lead forms and content that will fit within a mobile device’s small screen.

3. Start a blog. 

Launching a blog is one way to set yourself apart from other auto dealers in your market. A successful dealership blog has content that provides value to the reader, such as servicing advice or gas-saving tips. Blogger ( and WordPress ( offer free alternatives to hosting your own blog and are easy to set up. Platforms — for instance, ShareThis ( — can let you share your blog’s content via social media and e-mail.

4. Market via social media. 

Social media may be the best way to reach young potential customers — as well as many not-so-young ones. Some auto dealers report success using the little-known Facebook page “Updates” application. You can send free marketing messages and links without spam-filter interference to all who “Like” your dealership’s Facebook page. You could, for example, hold a contest to guess the miles per gallon record of your factory’s latest model. Make the prize tempting enough, and you could build a nice little marketing database from the effort.


Dealer Insights – July/August 2011

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