17th Annual Auto Team America CEO-CFO Forum

Meeting Review and Presentation Highlights
San Francisco, CA – February 4, 2011

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CEO/CFO Forum —
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This recording was taped live during the session in San Francisco, CA. You can view the Auto Team America meeting support documents while listening to this presentation.  For more information on this seminar and Auto Team America, visit ATA on the web at: 

Post Date: 2/25/2011 [click to play]

With an industry seeing some positive signs ahead, there’s one question all dealers are asking: How can my dealership position itself on the way up?
Consolidation, industry bailouts, dealership closings, and the changing priorities of the American consumer have re-made the auto industry during these times of financial turmoil. How can you prepare for the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities?

Meeting summary: This Auto Team America held its 17th Annual CEO/CFO Forum on Friday, February 4, 2011, preceding the start of the NADA convention in San Francisco. Featured speakers include Joe Herman, Erich J.Merkel, and David L. Zuchowski. Joe Herman of Kuni
Automotive, is an industry insider who provided insights on automotive dealership management strategies. Erich J. Merkel is a product strategy communicator at Ford Motor Company. David L. Zuchowski of Hyundai Motor America offered his perspective from the manufacturer’s side.

Following their presentations, a panel of experts, moderated by Jay Ferriero, shared their perspectives on today's auto business. Attendees of the forum included CEOs/CFOs of dealership groups, dealers and general managers, controllers and office managers, and related industry associates involved in dealership business management.

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