Articles July 10, 2019 EisnerAmper's 4th Annual Alternative Investment Post-Summit Blog Series

On June 19, EisnerAmper held our 4th Annual Alternative Investment Summit at MoMA in New York City. The event brought together over 300 financial service executives and key professionals within the alternative investment industry.

Articles July 03, 2019 Treasury and IRS Issue Final and Proposed Regulation on Domestic Partnerships - Treatment of GILTI and Subpart F Income and Expanded High Tax Exception for GILTI

A foreign corporation is treated if owned by a domestic or foreign partnership.

Articles July 01, 2019 FRF for SMEs: The GAAP Alternative That Can Save the Day

Financial Reporting Framework for Small and Medium-Sized Entities or the FRF for SMEs is a substitute basis of accounting to GAAP.

Articles July 01, 2019 Changes to New York State’s Real Property Transfer Taxes Become Effective July 2019

The State Senate and Assembly adopted legislation that will increase real estate transfer taxes on conveyances of real property located in New York City on real property transfers occurring on or after July 1, 2019.

Articles June 27, 2019 Why SOC Reports Can Help You Sleep at Night

You can obtain that vendors have robust internal controls by a Service Organization Controls (SOC) report that details system design, control objectives, security, related testing, results and so forth.

Articles June 26, 2019 Real Estate Investment Vehicles: Operating Entities or Investment Companies?

Investing in real estate through a fund structure does come with many compliance, reporting and other responsibilities.

Articles June 26, 2019 The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019

EisnerAmper takes a look at the massive impacts the 2019 Housing Stability and Tennant Protection Act is having on the real estate sector including posing significant challenges for real estate valuations, capital improvements and tax revenue.

Articles June 21, 2019 Techniques for Avoiding and Resolving Post-M&A Disputes

Working capital or earn-out provisions can lead to post-M&A disputes between buyers and sellers. Here are tips to both avoid and resolve these issues including transaction timing and the proper application of GAAP accounting.

Articles June 20, 2019 EisnerAmper’s Michael Imber to Be Featured at Brookings Institute

Michael Imber will talk about state & local pensions and will explore the pros and cons of using government real assets as an alternative funding mechanism for underfunded municipal pensions.