Articles August 12, 2019 Legacy Obligation Trust: In-kind asset contributions as a new funding approach for municipal pensions

EisnerAmper's Michael Imber spoke about pros and cons of utilizing government capital assets as a means of improving funding ratios.

Articles August 12, 2019 Hong Kong Transfer Pricing Update

Guidance on new Departmental Interpretation and Practice Notes 58, 59 and 60 codified through Inland Revenue related to Hong Kong transfer pricing rules and documentation requirements.

Articles July 31, 2019 The IRS Has Begun Sending Letters to Virtual Currency Owners

Find out the potentially severe consequences of failing to report virtual currency transactions that result in sales or exchanges or ordinary income.

Articles July 29, 2019 Is the Financial Reporting Framework for SMEs Good for Real Estate?

A look at the financial reporting framework for small and medium-sized entities and their applicability to the real estate sector. Includes qualifications, how to apply the principles and how it differs from other accepted accounting frameworks.

Articles July 29, 2019 FASB Proposes One-Year Delay of ASC 842, Leases, (ASC 842) for Private Companies

A proposed deferral is aimed at providing private companies with sufficient time to accurately work through the implementation of ASC 842, which will require most leases (and certain service agreements) to be recorded on the balance sheet.

Articles July 26, 2019 Further Audit Campaigns Announced by the IRS Large Business and International Division

The IRS Large Business and International Division identified six additional audit compliance campaigns on July 19, 2019. These audit compliance campaigns focus on international issues, S corporations and deferred compensation.

Articles July 22, 2019 Is It Time for Your Employee Benefit Plan Check-Up?

Employee benefit plans come with tremendous challenges and responsibilities in plan administration. It is vital to understand the obligations and accountability for plan participants as it's a great tool to entice and retain talented employees.

Articles July 18, 2019 Four Tax Considerations in Settling a Legal Dispute: Begin with the End in Mind

When setting legal disputes, proper planning is key. And, even if you anticipate that your client will be taxed on the entire recovery, recognizing that fact early is crucial so you can negotiate with the net recovery in mind.

Articles July 12, 2019 AICPA Issues SSFS 1, New Standards for Forensic Service Engagements

The Statement on Standards for Forensic Services No. 1 entails client engagements involving litigations and investigations. These new standards were released from the AICPA for Forensic Service engagements.