Articles January 31, 2023 Understanding a Lifestyle/Marital Spending Analysis During a Divorce

A lifestyle analysis is primarily utilized to determine what the standard of living was for the parties in the divorce matter during the marriage by analyzing their spending habits.

Articles January 31, 2023 What to Measure for ESG Reporting: 5 Tips

If you have clients, vendors or suppliers that are publicly-traded companies -- or if you want to do business with any, or with any government agency -- you’ll need to report your ESG footprint and risk analysis.

Articles January 31, 2023 ASC 606 and the Challenges for the Life Sciences

In this article, we will explore two specific challenges faced by life science companies upon and post-adoption of ASC 606: (1) assessment of collaborative-type arrangements to determine if they are within the scope of ASC 606; and (2) if the contrac…

Articles January 31, 2023 Artificial Intelligence in Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

As companies’ RPA strategies continue to develop, the utilization of RPA integrated with AI capabilities will continue to grow and quickly become the industry standard.

Articles January 27, 2023 IRS Guidance on Crypto Transactions off to a Brisk Start in 2023

This article focuses on Chief Counsel Advice memoranda on the reporting of cryptocurrency transactions, including whether taxpayers may claim a loss deduction for decreases in the value of cryptocurrency and the requirements for claiming a deduction …

Articles January 24, 2023 How ESG Supports Supply Chain Management for Middle Market Manufacturers

By incorporating ESG matters into their supply chain management, companies can mitigate risks, improve their reputation and relationships with stakeholders and gain a competitive advantage.

Articles January 24, 2023 Common Cybersecurity Threats and How to Protect Your Business

In today’s world, your organization is facing many cybersecurity threats -- knowing how to protect your business and its data is essential.

Articles January 23, 2023 Understanding Equity-Based Compensation

Employees could receive non-cash compensation in the form of equity such as stock options, restricted stock or restricted stock units (“RSU”).

Articles January 19, 2023 The SECURE 2.0 Act: Substantial Changes for Retirement Plans and IRAs

This article features an in-depth look at the SECURE 2.0 Act’s substantial changes to both retirement plans and IRAs that affect both the operation of the plans and the planning that has been done around the assets held in the accounts.