This technology podcast discusses FDA approval of the EKG Apple Watch band, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity surrounding these medical devices.

Apple Watch EKG


This episode of TechTalk, we cover a unique, FDA-approved EKG device for the Apple Watch. We’ll discuss the science and the business behind this promising new technology, as well as how the market for smart watches is doing.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper’s technology podcast series. With more than 500 technology clients, we’re always interested in the latest industry trends and developments, as well as any related business and accounting opportunities and challenges. I’m your host Dave Plaskow and with us today is Dave Katz, Senior Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice. It’s another episode of TechTalk. Today’s episode is on the first FDA approved EKG band for the Apple Watch. Dave, welcome.
Dave Katz: Thanks. Great to kick off the new year with a new podcast here.

John Pennett has public accounting experience with a strong emphasis on life sciences companies. Member New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants and New Jersey Technology Council and advisory board of eLabs.

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