Apple Support

Our experience has given us exposure to many IT advancements and technology improvements. We have seen computers become smaller and faster, printers go from dots to lasers and storage devices shrink from the size of desk to a pen drive. Through all this growth and expansion the one area of technology we have seen the greatest growth in is Mobile Devices. In particular with Apple devices and the ensuing Apple Support has been the most revolutionary device growth in our entire history of IT service operation.

When thinking of Apple devices we often think of the iPhone and supporting Apple with connections and printing from this device. Many companies do ask us for mobile phone management with their offices to control security and wireless access as well.

Apple iPad Support

For example, many of our customers have standardized on iPads for their environments. They have their field employees using the mobile devices to input data into software packages that connect back to their datacenter. In this example we have to ruggedize the carrying cases and also control what types of apps are allowed on the devices. We can remotely push a new app or remove an app from the devices. If an iPad is stolen, we have the ability to remotely wipe out a device as well. Supporting Apple is something our company is very familiar with on iPads.

Apple Laptop Support

One area of support of Apple devices often overlooked is laptops and desktops. EisnerAmper has a very large group of customers that are in the education industry. Our first customers were schools and we have been a state approved vendor of IT Services to schools for 30 years. We also have qualified and been accepted to NASPO contract, which makes us a certified approved vendor to schools. In the process of providing IT support to schools, we have been supporting Apple products in schools for over 30 years. Apple created its brand by offering it to schools for many years to build its following. The schools continue to use Apple devices throughout and EisnerAmper continues to support Apple in this process.

Apple Support Specialist

In our Top IT Services list, Apple Support continues to remain high if not close to the top. We at EisnerAmper pride ourselves in knowing Apple products for years by supporting them in schools and then in businesses. In campus environments, we often support apple devices with mobile management tools and push apps and print services to and from their devices over the cloud. With computers and laptops we are often ask to connect external storage devices as well as print services and even file servers. Apple devices require a particular knowledge and setup capability and to support Apple devices requires a skill set that is unique and also experienced. Select the right provider to offer IT support to your Apple computing environment and you will be happy!