Anique Alam

  • Senior Manager, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


Anique Alam is a Senior Manager with the firm's outsourced IT services group. With over 20 years of experience, Anique specializes in providing services to a diverse client base across retail, legal, distribution, real estate, and healthcare industries.

Anique is responsible for designing and building strategies, roadmaps, and frameworks to comply with industry standards and maximize the value of IT, while aligning IT strategies with business goals. He is also adept at conducting IT audits, developing policies and procedures, and structuring process maps to comply with information technology and security best practices. His expertise extends to designing, building, and deploying IT strategy roadmaps for information technology and security landscapes and conducting risk assessments. In addition, he provides subject matter expertise on IT audits, enterprise infrastructure, industry compliance, standards and frameworks, assessments, process maps, policies, and procedures.

Anique has a diverse client base, providing services to the retail, legal, distribution, real estate, and healthcare industries.

Prior to joining the firm, Anique was an Advisor at a Consulting Group offering services to healthcare, retail, and service industries. His key responsibilities included maximizing IT services value and increasing shareholder returns for healthcare, retail, and service industries. In addition, he designed and managed enterprise infrastructure, provided training and support services, and implemented security parameters, industry standards, process improvements, and IT strategies for enterprise environments.

In addition, Anique also has a passion for writing and shares his expertise in the IT industry by writing thought leadership pieces on time-relevant industry topics.

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