Amazon Go Wants to Streamline Your Grocery Shopping


In this episode of the Dave & Dave Show, Dave Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, and Richard Colloca, Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Food and Beverage Group, discuss Amazon’s plan to use “Just Walk Out” technology to remove the lines, checkout counters and cash registers from your food shopping experience. The pair looks at the technology behind Amazon Go, potential speedbumps including cybersecurity, and what it could mean for other bricks-and-mortar grocery chains.

Also discussed is the valuation of the Amazon Go technology and whether Amazon can generate revenue from licensing it to other grocery stores and retailers. Will the technology make a company more efficient and, more importantly, make it more profitable?


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper’s technology podcast series. With more than 500 technology clients we’re always interested in the latest industry trends and developments, as well as any related business and accounting opportunities and challenges.

Today we’re talking about Amazon entering the bricks-and-mortar grocery business. I’m your host Dave Plaskow and with us today is Dave Katz, Senior Audit Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Science practice. We like to call this the Dave and Dave Show. Dave, as always, welcome and thanks for being here.

Dave Katz: Thanks, Dave. Good to be here.

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David Katz is a Senior Audit Manager providing domestic and international accounting, auditing and business consulting services to public and private clients in a variety of industries.

Richard Colloca, EisnerAmper Audit Partner with over 20 years in the public accounting profession, provides audit, accounting, tax and business consulting services to clients, including closely held and publicly traded companies.