AIM for BlackLine

Take your financial close from a slog to a sprint with process automation

Finance leaders know all too well the struggle of the month-end, quarter-end, and annual financial close process. What should take days instead takes weeks; and what should be automatic is instead mired in numerous excel files.

EisnerAmper’s Process Automation team is changing the way companies manage their financial close through the Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) of intelligent automation. We assist companies as they move toward modern accounting by unifying their data and processes; eliminating manual, repetitive work; and driving value.  Through a long standing partnership with BlackLine, we implement our AIM Methodology which allows for a precise and seamless transition toward financial transformation.        

EisnerAmper’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Assessment: Gain understanding of business problem and current state; provide recommendations to streamline and automate business processes (i.e., monthly financial close)

Analysis & Design: Review existing flows and design automated future-state processes

Build & Test: Configure and/or build solutions based on requirements and unit test new functionality

Test, Deploy & Support: Lead testing efforts, deploy solutions and support user enablement and knowledge transfer upon completion

Fully Optimize: Establish ongoing continuous improvement program to identify new use cases for new or enhanced applications

EisnerAmper supports project activities and BlackLine software modules that include:

  • Account Reconciliations
  • Task Management
  • Journal Entries and Automation
  • Transaction Matching
  • Variance Analysis
  • Intercompany Hub
  • Smart Close Automation 

What our clients are saying:

 “EisnerAmper has been an instrumental part of Terumo’s ongoing finance transformation. The EisnerAmper team continues to support our rollout of the BlackLine® product suite which has resulted in a more streamlined daily, month-end and financial close related process.  We are continuously evaluating other areas of the business to continue to add value through transformation and we are happy that EisnerAmper is part of this journey to modernize finance.”

Vanessa Schulze, Project Sponsor, Terumo USA

The EisnerAmper / BlackLine Partnership Benefits to You

Streamlined installation by leading software solution provider that results in:

  • Faster, more efficient close without employees having to continue to perform repetitive processes
  • Reduced errors associated with account reconciliations, journal entries and analysis
  • Elimination of manual work activities
  • Enhanced data flow and insights gained