Healthcare Practice Strategies - Winter 2013 - Meeting the Affluent's Unique Healthcare Needs

February 13, 2013

Increasingly, affluent individuals and families are turning to a wider circle of advisors and consultants to meet the demands of their busy lives. Opportunities exist in this environment for practitioners to provide healthcare in some fresh and innovative ways:

  • Executive healthcare – By working with an executive healthcare provider, jet-setting executives are never far from high-quality healthcare. Should a medical problem arise, their healthcare advisor can mobilize a team of experts, connect executives with qualified local physicians, transmit medical records, conference in U.S. specialists and supply translators, if necessary.
  • Family health – Family health ad- visors create a personal health “portfolio” for family members to manage the various sectors of their health — risk evaluation/prevention, disease management, lifestyle/wellness activities, etc.
  • Medical intelligence – In the event that a client is given a critical diagnosis, these advisors coordinate an advocacy team to research treatments, vet doctors and schedule appointments at leading institutions like Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic. Working with the patient’s attending physician, they help identify alternative treatments as well as create highly personalized treatment protocols.
  • Concierge medicine – Concierge providers (aka “retainer” or “boutique” providers) offer a superior level of comfort, convenience and personalized care in return for a set annual fee. Services typically include guaranteed same-day appointments and 24/7 access by cell phone and/or the Internet, comprehensive annual physicals and house calls.

As affluent families and individuals look beyond the traditional inner circle of legal and financial advisors, opportunities are arising for physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers to meet their healthcare needs in more personalized — and potentially profitable — ways. 

Healthcare Practice Strategies – Winter 2013 Issue

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