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Job #1862: CFO/Controller - VA (3/21/2023)

Job Title



North Chesterfield, VA



Department: Finance/Accounting
Reports To: CEO
Status & Salary: Full-Time, Exempt: $_________ - $__________

Sources, hires, supervises, coaches, encourages, and develops direct reports. Oversees, reviews and controls the completeness and accuracy of the work product produced by the Finance/Accounting unit and the processes and procedures that provide internal controls over the same. Continually assess individuals’ skills and interests and changes, expands and/or contracts roles and responsibilities accordingly. Fulfills independently and/or supports/supervises this unit’s goal setting, work allocation and training, performance planning and evaluating, and team building, around activities to include (but not limited to)

Accounting, Financial Reporting, Compliance, and Internal Controls
■ Keeps complete, accurate, supported, and timely accounting records in accordance with GAAP
■ Maintains effective and efficient financial and accounting systems, processes, and controls
■ Supervises the booking of all transactions and entries into the accounting systems
■ Ensures that auditable backup is always present for each applicable general ledger account
■ Reviews all month/quarter/year-end closing activities and closing the books in relation to the same

Financial reporting (internal and external):
■ Prepares annual, quarterly, monthly, and ad hoc financial statements and related schedules, footnotes, etc.
■ Provides, presents, and explains internal/specialty/ad hoc financial reporting; also, highlights opportunities and threats that this reporting and related analyses might indicate

■ Updates and maintains documented accounting policies and procedures, and ensures that these policies and procedures are followed

■ Serves as the key point of contact for internal audits and external financial/compliance audits (CPA firm, taxing authorities, etc.) and fulfills data/document requests as necessary
■ Ensures that all local, state, and federal tax reporting and form filings are submitted in an accurate and timely manner
■ Researches accounting issues for compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
■ Monitors changes in legal and regulatory environments and implementing processes to maintain compliance

Internal Controls and Audits
■ Collaborates within the Finance/Accounting unit and across departments to ensure that appropriate internal processes and controls exist, especially as they pertain to maintaining security over all valuable, movable assets (especially cash,bank balances, and fixed assets; as well as, the movement of funds via checks, ACHs, and wire transfers), to protect against fraud, irregularities, and errors
■ Periodically tests internal processes and control procedures for effectiveness

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

■ Assesses, evaluates, reports on, and makes recommendations in relation to financial and operational performance (esp., with relation to strategic plans, operational goals, forecasts, budgets, etc.)
■ Develops decision support reporting tools and pushing the same (with recommendations) to key decision makers throughout the organization
■ Ensures that effective forecasting and budgeting models (company-wide, departments, etc.) and related tools are in place and being used in support of desired outcomes

Treasury Management Activities, and Liquidity

■ Ensures that adequate cash is available and maintains appropriate analyses and forecasts that reinforce the same
■ Accountable for the efficient and effective concentration of funds and receipt of cash inflows (i.e.; cash, checks, receivables, etc.) and the timely and effective disbursement of funds (i.e.; vendors, payroll, etc.) after giving appropriate consideration to available liquidity
■ Ensures that all flows into/out of each cash and non-cash working capital components do so effectively and efficiently
■ Responsible for and oversees all depository, checking, and disbursing bank accounts and manages the day-to-day interaction with these external relationships

Information Technology
■ Participates in the planning for and implementation of new and/or updated ERP, information, accounting, and administrative systems with a keen interest in securing evermore real-time information as well as more effectively integrated and less-costly processes
■ Eliminates redundancies and inefficiencies throughout the Company’s administrative and information systems
■ Implements data and systems protection practices that protect against loss and/or unauthorized access to sensitive, private, etc. financial and employee information, and monitors these systems to ensure that these practices are followed

Contributes to Leadership Team Success

■Prepares for and takes an active, participative role in all meetings and remains keenly focused on delivering necessary and salient information, supportive of their decisionmaking roles and responsibilities, as well as recommendations related to current and/or future needs and uncertainties
■ Partners with and act as a sounding board, constructive questioner, brainstorming partner, and advisor to the CEO and leadership team members
■ Participates in decisions dealing with strategic initiatives, tactical decisions, and operational pursuits
■ Guides and encourages collaboration between departments and interdisciplinary teams
■ Implement policies, procedures, and processes as agreed to by the leadership team

Strategy and Planning
■ Participates in the Company’s strategic, tactical, and operational planning
■ Develops and maintains forward-looking financial plans and models
■ Provides analyses that align with and provide insights into the effectiveness of strategies, plans, and budgets

Strategic Relationships
■ Acts as a key corporate representative and external relationship builder
■ Maintains strong existing lender and banking relationships

  • Maintains (current) and cultivates (alternative) senior level banking relationships
  • Oversee and manage these credit and treasury management relationships and optimize the related cash management services/structures, if and as appropriate
  • Remain attuned to the offerings/capabilities of alternative providers and capitalize upon opportunities for improved and more effective cash flow and related working capital management

■ Establishes supportive relationships with suppliers and partners and participates in the negotiation/execution of high-impact contracts
■ Engages with consultants, auditors, and outside counsel as needed

■ Performs other related duties and special projects as assigned

■ Proactive and resourceful thinker with a passion for innovating and the ability to inspire
■ Strong analytical and decision-making skills, with the ability to forecast and plan ahead
■ A servant leader, with solid project management, delegation and team-building skills
■ Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills, verbal and written, with an ability to relate to and win the trust of partners, leaders and team members at all levels - and communicate complexity with patience and precision
■ Drives team cooperation with cross-functional stakeholders in support of identifying, solutioning, and solving for issues and opportunities
■ Seeks diverse perspectives through diverse backgrounds and invites them into participation

● Proven success in the areas of management and leadership
● Bachelor degree in accounting or finance
● CPA (current or inactive) preferred
● Experience to include

  • 2+ years of public accounting experience
  •  4+ years minimum experience as a Controller

● Outstanding knowledge and understanding of GAAP
● Strong systems, automation, and streamlining orientation with:

  • company-wide ERP and database management systems
  • desktop productivity tools (especially MS Office tools)

includes but are not limited to:
● Able to talk, hear and understand others, both in person and by phone
● Able to use hands and fingers in a manner that allows for use of a keyboard and phone
● Vision abilities required by this job include close vision
● Able to work on a computer for extended periods of time

Interested members should e-mail resume to Carter Dages at Please mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program. Make sure to include Job #1862 in the subject line and to copy on your email.