2014 Tech IPOs – Where Are They Now?

September 08, 2014

In many of my blogs this year, I have been discussing the tech IPO market explosion – and I mean that in a good way. So what has happened to those companies after their IPO, and is the market changing or is it still favorable for future tech IPOs?

So far, both quarters of 2014 have had the some of the highest number of IPOs in the U.S. since 2000. Some of the most notable that we covered were GoPro, JD.com, GrubHub and King Digital Entertainment.

GoPro has made great strides, rising 69% from the IPO price in just a few days. It’s currently holding steady well above its IPO price. JD.com was another stellar IPO with a stock price increase of almost 50% since the offering. GrubHub saw a few peaks and valleys, but stock remains around its original IPO price. King Digital Entertainment did not fare as well out of the gate, dipping well below its IPO price, but at the beginning of August they were trading back at the original offering price.  

That’s just a recap of some of the companies we have followed through the IPO process; but, how is the tech IPO market doing overall? According to Renaissance Capital, at the end of June, of the 33 tech IPOs that raised at least $50 million, 25 were trading above their IPO price. That’s good news for future tech IPOs.

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