• Tax Accounting Methods - The Timing of Including an Income or Expense Item

    Ensure that your company is using the most advantageous and proper accounting methods
    Correcting improper tax accounting methods may result in “audit protection”
    A review could reveal opportunities to accelerate deductions or defer the recognition of revenue

    Our Tax Accounting Methods group is a distinct specialty practice within EisnerAmper's Tax Services group.


Tax Accounting Methods

  • Tax accounting methods relate to the timing of including an income or expense item.  Is your Company using the most advantageous tax accounting methods?  Is your Company using proper tax accounting methods?  A thorough review of your accounting methods can reveal sound opportunities to defer the recognition of revenue or accelerate deductions, and ensure that your accounting methods are proper. By taking steps to correct improper tax accounting methods, you may be able to obtain “audit protection” for prior years in the event of an IRS examination or eliminate the need for tax reserves related to “uncertain tax positions” (formerly FIN 48).

    Some examples of where members of our Tax Accounting Methods practice can assist your Company with revenue or expense issues include:

    • Income Items
    • Advance payments
    • Deferral of sales revenue
    • Disputed receivables
    • Nonaccrual experience method

    Deduction Items

    • Prepaid expenses
    • Fixed asset analysis
    • Depreciation
    • Software development costs
    • Bad debt expenses
    • Sales incentives/rebate reserves
    • Accrued bonuses
    • Meals & Entertainment Analysis

    Our Large Corporate Tax group can help your company maximize cash-tax benefits by helping you establish and maintain optimal tax accounting methods.

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EisnerAmper is an independent member of EisnerAmper Global.