• International Wealth Advisors

    Providing tax planning and financial planning services that address risk management, regulatory concerns and tax exposure.

    Global income tax planning and international wealth transfer tax planning
    Structuring international investments and more...

    Contact our Personal Wealth Advisors group who can help maximize financial opportunities while minimizing tax and risk exposure.


International Wealth Advisory Services

  • Managing personal wealth is a daunting task even when all holdings are in one country—risk management, regulatory concerns, and tax exposure all present potential pitfalls. Consider these same concerns over multiple nations and the risks increase exponentially.

    EisnerAmper’s International Wealth Advisors provide tax and financial planning services to help protect, preserve, and enhance clients’ assets around the globe. Our goal is to help clients maximize financial opportunities while minimizing tax and risk exposure through our comprehensive range of services.

    • Global Income Tax Planning
    • International Wealth Transfer Tax Planning
    • Cash Flow, Investment Planning, and Asset Management*
    • Structuring International Investments
    • Insurance Review and Planning

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