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    Specializing in auditing licensees on behalf of licensors, our Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance group has audited licensees in the U.S. and internationally.
    Intellectual Property should be protected proactively because it possesses significant value, can represent your corporate image and generate royalty revenue.
    Our Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance services team assists clients in protecting intellectual property and recovering underpaid royalties and profits.

    For more information on protecting your Intellectual Property, contact our Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance group.


Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance

  • EisnerAmper’s Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance group specializes in auditing licensees on behalf of licensors. We have audited licensees across a variety of industries in the U.S. and around the globe. Not only does the group identify and quantify underpaid royalties and other amounts due, we also protect our client’s brands and trademarks as well as provide business intelligence regarding the activity of our clients’ licensees and partners. Taking into consideration the importance of the licensee/licensor relationship, our approach is efficient and effective resulting in a profit center for our clients.
    Licensing can generate significant revenue, enhance awareness and add value to the Intellectual Property owner. These benefits are a product of the time, effort and expense it took to create your Intellectual Property. Because Intellectual Property possesses significant value, generates royalty revenue, and can represent your corporate image, it should be protected proactively. EisnerAmper’s royalty compliance services reduce revenue slippage, protect value and provide essential information on the activities of your licensees and partners.

    Licensees often under-report royalties, the amount of which can be material. We find that many underpayments stem from poor systems, processes and controls,  mistakes, personnel turn over, contractual misinterpretations and aggressive deductions; although occasionally malicious activity is also uncovered. Furthermore, licensees can encroach on rights granted to others.  Such activity can negatively affect your relationships with other licensees and, more importantly, can tarnish and devalue your Intellectual Property. EisnerAmper identifies potential issues and obtains monetary recoveries while providing relationship and Intellectual Property protection.

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