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    Employee benefit plan design and implementation
    Defined contribution plan including 401(k) and 403(b)
    Annual Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report
    Member AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
    EisnerAmper audits over 400 employee benefit plans in a variety of industries.

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Employee Benefit Plan Tax & Advisory

  • We know how strongly you value your employees. You need to establish and maintain a retirement plan that supports their retirement goals.
    EisnerAmper is committed to

    1. designing effective retirement plans that meet the needs of both your organization and its employees. Our history of serving over 250 retirement plan clients annually gives us the insight to fully comprehend your expectations, ask the right questions the first time and offer the unique solutions you and your employees are looking for.
    2. providing timely delivery of the tax forms your retirement and welfare plans require. Our employee benefit tax professionals create hundreds of signature-ready Forms 5500 every year and are well-versed in the intricacies of the forms. Using top of the line software, CCH/Ft William, we can work independently or alongside your benefit plan professionals to prepare the form quickly and accurately.

    We also know you need distinct retirement plan arrangements for your executives.

    The retirement objectives of your executives may vary significantly from those of your other employees. For this reason, many companies choose to implement separate and distinct retirement plans for their key executives. The professionals at EisnerAmper have decades of experience designing, implementing and administering non-qualified executive retirement plans for their employees.

    Finally, we know that you need to be fiscally responsible when it comes to the expenses of your retirement plans.

    The variety of retirement plan solutions on the market provides plan sponsors with options to reduce your overall plan expenses. Wrap plans, for example, are becoming increasingly common for sponsors that have multiple health and welfare plans. Wrap plans are legal documents that combine multiple welfare plans of a single sponsor into a single plan. By instituting a wrap plan, the sponsor can simplify administrative processes and costs and improve the legal compliance of the plans. For more information on wrap plans, click here.

    Our personal approach to your benefit plans affords you the attention and customized service you require and allows us to quickly respond to your needs as they arise, while our technical expertise enables us to effectively design new plans and modify existing ones.

    Services Offered

    Advisory and Compliance

    • Form 5500 Preparation
    • IRS and DOL Voluntary Correction Programs
    • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
    • Controlled Group and Separate Line of Business Design and Nondiscrimination Testing
    • Plan Termination Services (PBGC and IRS)

    Design and Implementation (Qualified and Nonqualified Plans)

    • Analysis of Benefit Level Objectives
    • Analysis of Cost Objectives
    • Development of Detailed Plan Provisions
    • Custom and Prototype Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions
    • IRS, DOL and  PBGC Submissions, Notifications and Negotiations
    • Employee Education and Enrollment

    Executive Services

    • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)
    • Equity-Based Plans

    Defined Contribution/401(k) Plan and ESOP Recordkeeping

    • Plan and Trust Accounting
    • Individual Account Statements
    • Nondiscrimination Testing
    • Annual Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report

    Plan Access to Investments

    • Access to Mutual Funds
    • Available Individual Brokerage Accounts Through Our Alliance Partners
    • Investment Review and Education Provided Through Our Registered Investment Advisor, EisnerAmper Wealth Management and Corporate Benefits, LLC

    Additional Employee Benefit Plan Services

    Compiled Plan Financial Statements

    Our well trained staff will compile a complete set of plan financial statements, including footnotes and supporting trial balance, to provide to a plan sponsor’s outside auditor. In addition to partner and manager reviews, such financial statements are independently reviewed prior to issuance, pursuant to our internal quality assurance review process.

    Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements

    In certain instances, primarily related to risk management regarding an existing plan or in circumstances whereby an unrelated plan is being considered for a merger with an existing plan, plan sponsors request our highly qualified plan auditors to assist them with specific areas of concern relative to plan operations. The scope of an agreed-upon procedures engagement is flexible and generally focuses on specific areas of plan operation such as timing of the deposit of employee deferrals, calculation of employee deferrals and employer contributions, eligibility and distributions.

    Consulting Services

    In sponsoring a qualified plan, many requirements exist, not only for compliance with government regulations, but also in terms of understanding and valuing plan investments. Plan management is responsible for investment valuations and financial statement disclosures of investments and valuation methodology. Plan sponsors have retained EisnerAmper to (1) prepare the pension footnote for the Company’s financial statement, including summarizing and reviewing annual fair value leveling information for defined benefit plan assets as received from third party service providers; (2) prepare trial balances, including monthly analysis and reconciliation to detailed reports; (3) perform interviews with personnel and review of documentation for each process to obtain an understanding of the plan; (4) analyze internal processes related to the plan’s recordkeeping to improve processes internally and achieve greater efficiency; (5) assist with ongoing plan expense charges incurred, determine allowable plan expenses and allocation amongst the sponsor’s plans.

    Special Projects

    EisnerAmper performs special projects and consulting engagements for plan sponsors in need of specific plan assistance regarding potential or identified issues with eligibility, vesting, employee and employer contribution calculations, remittances of contributions and loan repayments, forfeitures and distributions. In addition, we provide consultation on plan mergers, plan terminations, operational defects (for example, not following the plan’s definition of compensation when calculating contributions), prohibited transactions (for example, late remittance of contributions), auditor independence issues, and compliance matters. 


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