• Corporate Finance Services

    Comprehensive intelligence for completing an acquisition, investment, divestiture or mezzanine financing
    Tax, accounting and financial due diligence
    Business valuation services
    Accounting and tax implications of transaction structures
    Other services related to mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Finance

  • The professionals in EisnerAmper’s Corporate Finance Group offer solid, comprehensive intelligence for clients seeking to complete an acquisition, investment, divestiture or mezzanine financing, focusing on accounting, tax, and financial due diligence; business valuations; the accounting and tax implications of various transaction structures; assisting in the structuring of transactions for private equity funds; and other services related to mergers and acquisitions.

    Due Diligence

    Superior due diligence is one of the most significant ways EisnerAmper adds value to transactions. We combine financial, accounting, tax, information technology, and industry expertise in a multidisciplinary investigatory effort.

    We look for financial statement implications and tax issues, analyze quality of earnings, and evaluate compliance with GAAP and SEC accounting regulations. Working with investors and their counsel, we can review and provide insight into key aspects of transaction documents.


    Gaining an understanding of the value of a business, its ownership interests, and its intangible assets is critical to developing a strategy that can maximize the effectiveness of a transaction—whether you’re selling a business or transferring ownership interests, providing equity based compensation to management, allocating purchase price in connection with an acquisition, or many other purposes.

    Whether the assignment is for tax, financial reporting, dispute resolution, or strategic planning purposes, we have a thorough knowledge and understanding of valuation methodology and practice and are fully cognizant of the impact relevant accounting and tax rules can have on the valuation conclusion.

    Transaction Structures

    The structure of a transaction can have a huge impact on the ultimate returns from an acquisition, investment, or sale. Our professionals have the background and acumen to effectively advise clients on the accounting and tax implications of alternative transaction structures.

    EisnerAmper's corporate finance professionals use their analytical skills and broad knowledge base to provide a variety of other services, including assistance with closing balance sheet adjustments, earnout reviews, purchase price allocations, financial modeling and forensic investigations.

    By thinking ahead and keeping a sharp eye on meaningful issues, we help our clients achieve outcomes that match or exceed expectations.

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