• Bankruptcy Fiduciary Services

    Managing all stages of the bankruptcy administration process.
    Our Trustee advisory team can assist either a Chapter 7 Trustee or a Post Confirmation Trustee to perform all tasks required by the Bankruptcy Court.
    Financial advisory for Chapter 7 Trustees including forensic accounting and litigation services.
    Tax advice and handling of routine tax compliance.
    Accounting services and tax preparation for Debtor and Trustee filings.

    For more information on bankruptcy fiduciary services or chapter 7 bankruptcy services, contact our Bankruptcy and Restructuring Services Group.


Bankruptcy & Restructuring - Fiduciary Services

  • Bankruptcy Administration

    EisnerAmper’s team has the unique ability to manage all stages of the Bankruptcy administrative process including creating the Schedule of Financial Affairs (SOFA); filing the Monthly Operating Reports (MOR’s) with the Office of the Unite State Trustee. Update the financials and advice on Tax matters as well as preparing the taxes.

    Post Confirmation Administration

    In conjunction with the ability to assist the Trustee in the management of a case, EisnerAmper has the ability to assume the role of Post Confirmation Plan Administrator and essentially manage the assets of the Estate and insure the provisions of a Court ordered plan are implemented and followed to the conclusion of the case.

    Trustee Advisory

    EisnerAmper’s team has the experience and qualifications to assist either a Chapter 7 Trustee or a Post Confirmation Trustee to perform all tasks required by the Bankruptcy Court. This process of comprehensive estate management includes the disposal of assets and disbursements to Creditors. In addition our team has the ability to do Claims management and analysis, including priority and administrative as well as general unsecured claims. We will assist the Trustee with preference investigation and analysis. Determine if any fraudulent conveyances exist. Prepare the Taxes for the Estate.

    Financial Advisory for Chapter 7 Trustees

    In our approach to serving Chapter 7 Trustees, we evaluate every opportunity to create and maximize value.

    • Management and supervision of the asset sale and disposal process
    • Administration of the asset recovery process
    • Preference investigation and analysis
    • Insider transaction and fraudulent conveyance investigation analysis
    • Forensic accounting and litigation services including expert testimony
    • Comprehensive claim(s) analysis and management, including evaluation of priority wage and tax claims
    • Tax advice on complex matters as well as routine compliance matters
    • Tax preparation for Debtor and Trustee filings
    • Specialized Services
    • Required accounting services and preparation of compliance filings

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