• Commercial Disputes

    Experts providing objective, independent analysis and expert testimony on technical issues and damages in complex commercial disputes
    Assistance with complex accounting, finance, economic and valuation issues
    Commercial dispute expertise in intellectual property disputes, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, tax controversy, post-acquisition disputes and more.

Commercial Litigation

  • Commercial disputes, whether in litigation or arbitration, are a business reality with a financial and economic impact for the organization.  Including an experienced financial expert on the litigation team to consult or testify on the complex economic, financial or accounting issues can prove advantageous and can ultimately impact the outcome of the litigation. Our testifying experts work closely with the attorneys and their client to assist organizations, such as public and private companies, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses across a variety of industries, to understand the facts and how they impact damages, identify and quantify the economic issues, provide our expert damages opinion in a written report, respond to the opposing damage expert’s report, and provide deposition and trial testimony.  At trial, our professionals are skilled at simplifying complex financial concepts and models to communicate the findings and damages in a manner that facilitates the fact finder’s comprehension.

    Attorneys rely on EisnerAmper’s professionals in both civil and criminal lawsuits, including:

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EisnerAmper is an independent member of Allinial Global.
EisnerAmper is an independent member of EisnerAmper Global.