September 09, 2014

Department of Labor Revises Guidance on Missing Plan Participants

DOL updated its guidance concerning plan sponsors’ and fiduciaries’ responsibilities in locating missing defined contribution retirement plan participants when the plan has been terminated and plan assets must be distributed. Important info for plan sponsors and fiduciaries. More

September 05, 2014

Constant Vigilance Is Key In The New Cyber World

Elements of an effective cybersecurity system and how companies can cultivate a culture of risk awareness. Mandatory cyber- risk education for key employees, remedial measures that should be taken once a cyber breach occurs and periodic risk assessments. More

August 29, 2014

Six Things You Need to Know Before You Go Through a Valuation Analysis

What you need to know before a business valuation. There are many business valuation methods and the most accurate appraisals typically employ more than one method. Valuation reports should be written to well-recognized business valuation standards such as USPAP and SSVS. More

August 12, 2014

IRS Ruling Clarifies Fund Managers’ Ability to Use Certain Tax-Deferred Stock Rights

IRS ruling clarifies fund managers’ ability to use certain tax-deferred stock rights. Background on IRC section 457A and Revenue Ruling 2014-18. The Ruling may finally offer a solution for hedge fund managers that have been searching for ways to defer off-shore compensation. More

August 11, 2014

Pension Funding Relief Under MAP-21 to be Extended Until 2017

MAP-21 allowed sponsors of defined benefit plans to smooth out the minimum funding requirements of their plans. Will plan sponsors pay the price of higher contributions in the future when the MAP-21 extension of the funding stabilization corridor expires? More

August 06, 2014

Unclaimed Property Alert for NJ Car Dealers

New Jersey's Self Audit and Compliance is an opportunity for auto dealerships to be in compliance with their unclaimed property reporting obligations. Failure to participate in New Jersey's Self Audit and Compliance carries significant risk. Learn more about benefits and penalties. More

August 05, 2014

Financial Services Insights – August 2014 – Five Issues for Hedge Fund Managers to Follow

Financial Services Insights – Five Issues for Hedge Fund Managers to Follow. Key topics and trends that should be top-of- mind for hedge fund operators. Trends in capital flows, alternative mutual funds / liquid alternatives, impending regulatory changes on bank leverage and more. More

August 05, 2014

Financial Services Insights – August 2014 – The Benefits of an Independent Board

The corporate governance of hedge funds is more closely evaluated today. Regulators are demanding more from investment advisors who manage hedge funds from a risk management and regulatory prospective. Factors to consider when selecting an independent board of directors. More

August 05, 2014

Financial Services Insights – August 2014 – A Changing Legal Landscape for Cayman

Cayman Islands legislative changes such as The Exempted Limited Partnership Law, The Contracts Law and The Directors Registration and Licensing Law. The Cayman Islands has signed key agreements which facilitate the FATCA registration and reporting process. More

August 05, 2014

Financial Services Insights – August 2014 – Impact of the Camp Tax Proposal (Tax Reform Act of 2014) on the Asset Management Industry

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) releases plan to overhaul the tax code. Proposals of interest to the asset management community. Clarification of the Self Employed Contributions Act tax and Application of unincorporated business tax to state pension plans and more. More

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