September 25, 2015

IRS Extends Implementation Deadline for Certain Limited Aspects of FATCA

The IRS extended the implementation deadline for certain limited aspects of FATCA. In order to comply with FATCA’s information reporting objectives and avoid 30% withholding, investment funds and other foreign financial institutions must do the following. More

September 25, 2015

All in the Family Business

As a partner in EisnerAmper’s tax department, Jordan Amin focuses on closely held and family businesses and has particular expertise in the real estate industry. What are the unusual aspects of consulting as an accountant and trusted advisor for closely held and family businesses? More

September 23, 2015

Immediate Action May Be Required Prior to October 1 to Identify New York State Investment Capital

Corporations having a filing obligation in New York that have non-unitary stock held for investment purposes must meet the new identification requirements to qualify as investment capital for purposes of the New York State Article 9-A Tax and New York City Corporate Tax of 2015. More

September 22, 2015

Ready For Take Off

Insurance agents and brokers should educate themselves about the emerging opportunities in the commercial use of drones. Learn about how drones are affecting the insurance industry. The FAA reports that drone use is currently the fastest growing sector in aviation. More

September 21, 2015

IRS Eliminates Lump-Sum Cashout Windows for Pension Plan Retirees in Pay Status

2015-09-21 By Peter Alwardt, CPA The Internal Revenue Service recently announced in Notice 2015-49 an intention to eliminate the ability of pension plan sponsors to provide lump-sum cashout windows for retirees already receiving annuity payments from the plan. This change will not impact plan participant


September 18, 2015

New Jersey Division of Taxation Issues Technical Bulletins Related to Nexus

The New Jersey Division of Taxation Regulatory Services Branch issues technical bulletins that deal with nexus for sales and use tax and nexus for corporation business tax. New Jersey guidelines for whether the activities of a person create nexus for NJ sales tax purposes. More

September 18, 2015

New York Budget Enacts Investment Capital Identification Requirements

The 2015-2016 New York State budget changes investment capital identification requirements for taking a deduction for investment capital on your New York State corporate tax return. Investment capital means investments in stocks of non-unitary corporations that satisfy a 5 part test. More

September 18, 2015

President Obama Signs Stopgap Highway Bill Changing Federal Due Dates

2015-09-18 By David Venanzi On July 31, 2015, President Barack Obama signed the Stopgap Highway Bill.  Under the bill, the due dates of several different types of tax returns were changed.  Under this new legislation, the due date of Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income and Schedule K-1s will now


September 18, 2015

Texas Releases Guidance on the Effects of an Unaffiliated Third-Party Manufacturer

Texas Tax Code explains that a taxable entity is primarily engaged in retail or wholesale trade if certain conditions are met. An issue arises when a taxable entity becomes a producer. Info on determining whether a taxable entity will be considered a producer of the products it sells. More

September 18, 2015

Vermont Discusses Sales & Use Tax on Cloud Software

Vermont generally imposes sales tax on retail sales of tangible personal property. Under Vermont legislation, software accessed solely on a cloud platform does not fall within this definition and is not subject to Vermont sales and use tax. More

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