• Internal Controls Monitoring and Assessment

    Assessment of internal controls focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of operations as well as the reliability of financial reporting, will minimize the cost of compliance.
    After the discovery of alleged financial statement improprieties, companies might have arrangements with the SEC or other regulatory or governmental agencies in which independent counsel is appointed to monitor and report on the progress of internal controls.
    EisnerAmper can consultant with independent monitors, interact with senior management and internal audit leaders to support the monitorship process by reviewing internal control deficiencies and more.
    Our in-depth understanding of internal controls over financial reporting enables us to provide valuable guidance throughout the monitorship process.

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Internal Control Monitoring & Assessment

  • Regulatory bodies and companies often enter into deferred prosecution agreements whereby an independent integrity monitor is appointed to oversee the company’s compliance with such agreements.  Internal control monitoring is a process, and our professionals understand that the evaluation of internal controls at a company should be focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    EisnerAmper assists clients with this process, including performing reviews of internal control deficiencies and weaknesses, assessing or creating remediation plans, and monitoring the implementation of these plans.  We have been appointed as consultants to various independent monitors throughout the years giving us experience in interacting with senior management and executives.  This, paired with our in-depth understanding of internal controls over financial reporting makes us a valuable asset to any engagement team.

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