Campus Recruiting

  • Throughout the year, our college representatives visit campuses nationwide to meet and recruit talented accounting students. We understand the value of talent and are always looking for ambitious and skilled individuals to join our team. Whether you are just beginning college or preparing to graduate, EisnerAmper can help you launch and grow your career.   

    Why EisnerAmper?

    Our greatest asset is our team members, and we are committed to providing our professionals with the resources to learn new skills and opportunities for growth. Our core values define who we are; we place great emphasis on providing excellent service to our clients, encouraging firm-wide innovation and promoting workplace diversity. We believe great work is accomplished when culture, ideas and experiences come together to create new solutions.

    Our expert staff of nearly 1,300 professional nationwide means you will be surrounded by the brightest minds in the field and work closely with partners and clients on a variety of projects across service areas. Throughout the year EisnerAmper offers international work exchanges, mentorship programs, seminars, training programs, and continuing education classes. By learning new skills and staying ahead of the latest trends, you will have the opportunity to create your own unique career path.   

    Empowering Our Employees

    At EisnerAmper, we recognize the strength of the individual and the power that comes from working together. We embrace a diverse environment, offering a safe secure, collaborative workplace while encouraging all of our staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance by pursuing passions outside of work.

    Many of our employees and partners actively participate in post-work activities, including volunteer events, sporting leagues and firm-wide social outings. Through the firm’s EisnerAmper Cares program, we coordinate community outreach activities, walk-a-thons and “Jeans Days” to help raise funds for various charities year-round.  From end-of-busy season get-togethers to holiday parties and themed lunches, EisnerAmper is always thinking of ways to keep things fun!   

    We Want to Meet You!

    EisnerAmper actively recruits talented accounting students at many schools across the U.S. for entry-level and internship positions in our Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California offices. Check out the campus recruiting calendar to find out where we will be next. If we don’t come to your school, please email our Recruiting Team at entryhires@eisneramper.com for more information.    



    California Polytechnic State University (SLO)

       September 30 - Fall Symposium

    Golden Gate University

       September 23 - Tax and Accounting Career Fair

    San Francisco State University (SFSU)


    University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

       October 7 - Meet the Firms

    University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)

       September 27 - Meet the Firms


    University of Delaware

        September 8 - Meet the Firms

        September 19 - Fall Athlete Networking Night

        September 27 - On Campus Interviews


    Florida Atlantic University

       September 30 - Accounting Career Fair

    Florida International University

       February 15 - Beta Alpha Psi Spring Ahead of the Game Accounting & Business Expo

       April 1 - Beta Alpha Psi Presentation

       October 3 - Beta Alpha Psi Fall Ahead of the Game Accounting & Business Expo

    University of Miami

       October 7 - Accounting Career Fair


    Washington University in St. Louis

        September 13 - Beta Alpha Psi Presentation

        September 14 - Career Fair

        October 5 - On Campus Interviews


    Fairleigh Dickinson University

         September 14 - Accounting Networking & Recruiting Event

    Monmouth University

         September 21 - AHEP Panel Presentation

         October 14 - On Campus Interviews

         October 26 - Accounting Society Presentation (3pm)

    Rider University

        September 14 - Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Si Session

        September 21 - Resume Blitz

        September 27 - Fall 2016 Career Fair

        October 4 - On Campus Interviews 

    Rowan University

        September 22 - Accounting & Finance Expo

        September 30 - On Campus Interviews 

    Rutgers University - New Brunswick Campus

        April 26 - Beta Alpha Psi Presentation (11am - 2pm)

        April 29 - Beta Alpha Psi Induction Ceremony (6pm - 10pm)

        September 13 - Welcome Back Frappy Hour Meet and Greet 

        September 22 - Business Expo

        September 23 - Rutgers Business School Career Fair -  Heldrich Hotel (10am - 3pm)

        September 27 - On Campus Interviews

    Rutgers University - Newark Campus

        April 18 - Future Business Leaders of America & Lunch (10am - 2pm)  

        May 3 - Rutgers Business School Club Presidents Breakfast (8:30am - 11:30am)

        July 13 - MAACY Meet & Greet - Newark Club (7:00pm - 9:00pm)  

        August 8 - MBA Presentation

        September 14 - Welcome Back BBQ 

        September 28 - Rutgers Newark Business Career Fair (12:30pm - 4pm)

        September 30 - On Campus Interviews     

    Rutgers University - Camden Campus

        September 29 - On Campus Interviews - Camden Campus    

    Seton Hall University

        September 7 - Practice Interview Day

        September 15 - Career Fair & Meet the Firms Event

        September 26 - On Campus Interviews 

        October 18 - Accounting Club Presentation

    The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)

        September 14 - Accounting Meet & Greet

        September 28 - Career Fair


    Baruch College (CUNY)

        September 9 - CPA Fair

        September 13 – NYC Accounting Society & BAP Office Visit

        September 13  Graduate BAP Midsize Accounting Roundtable

        October 14 - On Campus Interview

        TBD – Networking Luncheon

    Hofstra University

        September 28 – Accounting Career Fair

        October 24 – On Campus Interviews

        December 13 – Accounting Banquet

    Maculay Honors College

        September 16 - Business & Finance Career Fair

    Saint John's University


    SUNY Albany

        September 28 – Job and Internship Fair

        October 5 - On Campus Interviews

        November 7 – Beta Alpha Psi Presentation 

    SUNY Binghamton

        September 21 - Beta Alpha Psi Presentation   

        September 21 - Mid-Size Night

        September 22 - Delta Sigma Pi Presentation

        October 17 - On Campus Interviews 

    SUNY Buffalo

        September 14 - Meet the Professionals

        September 28 - Beta Alpha Psi Presentation

        October 10 - On Campus Interviews 

    SUNY Geneseo

        September 15-17 - Trip to New York City 

        September 20 - Meet the Accountants 

        September 29 - Accounting Banquet 

        October 7 - On Campus Interviews

        TBD - Accounting Society Presentation

    Syracuse University

        September 20 - Whitman School Career Fair 

        October 6 - On Campus Interviews 

        November 10 - Beta Alpha Psi Fall Banquet 

        TBD - BAP Presentation

    Touro College

        September 27 - Career Fair

    Yeshiva University

        September 9 - Accounting Fair

        September 23 - On Campus Interviews


    La Salle University

        October 6 - Career Fair   

    Lehigh University

        September 6 - Meet the Firms   

        September 14 - Account Career Fair

        September 19 - Visit to EisnerAmper's New York City Office 

        October 6 - On Campus Interviews 

    Muhlenberg College


    Pennsylvania State University

        September 13 - Career Fair

        October 7 - On Campus Interviews 

        TBD - Accounting Banquet 

    Saint Joseph's University 

        September 22 - Career Fair

        September 28 - On Campus Interviews

    Temple University

        July 13 - MAcc Open House at EisnerAmper's Philadelphia Office

        August 17 - MAcc Meet & Greet on Campus

        September 21 - Temple Fox Fall Connection

        September 27 - On Campus Interviews for Accounting Interns

        October 10 - On Campus Interviews for Entry Level Accounting Positions




    University of Washington


    What Our People Say

    “Working in smaller teams allows our employees to work closely with upper-level management from the beginning. This includes partners at the firm and CFOs at our clients. EisnerAmper’s open door policy also allows direct access to anyone in the firm.”    

    Joling Soo, Staff, SUNY Binghamton


    “EisnerAmper has provided me with a real breadth of experience when working with clients. The size and structure of the firm enables employees to give input as to which types of clients and industries they prefer to work in; and the client base is large enough to give employees the chance to work on a wide variety of engagements.”    

    Jon Reynolds, Audit Senior, Lehigh University


    “There are many things one can do with an accounting degree. At EisnerAmper, I continually take on new roles with diverse responsibilities. As a result, I am developing my proficiency in tax, audit, forensic accounting and business services. The valuable exposure to different areas and industries will help me make the right decisions regarding my career going forward.”     

    Tri Nguyen, Audit Staff II, Temple University

    You can also find information about available positions on our careers site.

    For more information, please contact our Recruiting Team at entryhires@eisneramper.com     

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EisnerAmper is an independent member of EisnerAmper Global.