Anti-Money Laundering

Following the events of September 11, 2001, Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) programs became a significant focus of regulators seeking to put an end to terrorist funding.  Banks, insurance entities, non-bank mortgage lenders, not-for-profits, money services businesses -- even real estate personnel and auto dealerships -- have compliance requirements related to AML regulations.  Regardless of your industry, it is far less burdensome to be in compliance than to pay the penalties and endure the reputational risks.

How EisnerAmper can help:

Do you have the right policies and procedures in place?  EisnerAmper can: 

  • Review existing policies and discuss approaches to further reduce your risk and exposure
  • Draft new policies and procedures
  • Update existing policies and procedures

Do you have the requisite annual training  to supplement your policies and procedures? EisnerAmper can: 

  • Provide staff training, customized to your policies and procedures

Are you facing issues from a regulatory examination? EisnerAmper can: 

  • Facilitate remediation projects (and make recommendations to improve processes)
  • Assist organizations in addressing examiner concerns
  • Perform independent testing, as required by consent orders or enforcement actions

Does your existing program have any gaps? Are you sure?  EisnerAmper can: 

  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Test independent samples to verify operating effectiveness
  • Analyze transactions

How well do you know your clients? EisnerAmper can: 

  • Independently test new accounts to ensure adequate Know Your Customer documentation

Does your firm have any applicable independent AML testing requirements? EisnerAmper can: 

  • Conduct annual independent testing

Do you believe your current monitoring systems are picking up all suspicious activity? EisnerAmper can: 

  • Perform an assessment of your monitoring systems for adequacy and efficient generation of suspicious activity identification and related reports.