• Divorce Services - Valuation and Litigation Support

    Marital disputes can result in litigation which often involve accounting and financial issues.

    Our forensic accountants and business valuation experts can provide the following services:

    Valuation of executive compensation packages and business valuation services
    Identification and tracking of assets and liabilities
    Development of projected cash flow models
    Collaborative law

Matrimonial Disputes

  • In today’s complex environment, marital disputes sometimes result in litigation or threatened litigation, often involving accounting and financial issues. While everyone involved in divorce proceedings carefully considers the personal and family issues, it is important that financial elements are not overlooked. That's where EisnerAmper’s experience comes in. EisnerAmper has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive analysis and reporting of the accounting and financial aspects involved in the case. We work closely with counsel, providing vital divorce services relating to the financial aspects in mediations,  settlement discussions, and trial. We utilize forensic accounting skills to investigate and uncover unreported income and assets, and we provide written valuation reports for business ownership interests that are part of the marital estate.

    We work with attorneys and their clients to prepare comprehensive business valuations and income analyses, determine employment benefits and examine the tax effects of all of the issues of the case, along with preparing lifestyle analyses to help attorneys resolve alimony and child support awards. EisnerAmper professionals have extensive deposition and trial experience, and we simplify complex financial communication, presenting our opinions at trial in a clear and convincing manner. 

    Our divorce services include:

    • Business valuations 
    • Fraud and forensic Investigations
    • Asset tracing
    • Income analysis
    • Net worth determinations 
    • Lifestyle analysis
    • Assistance in determining alimony and support awards
    • Participation in negotiations
    • Advice on economic and tax issues 
    • Trial testimony
    • Arbitration and mediation
    • Collaborative law

    Meet EisnerAmper’s Matrimonial Disputes Specialists

EisnerAmper is an independent member of Allinial Global.
EisnerAmper is an independent member of EisnerAmper Global.